Innovation Day for SMEs by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK)

During the recent Innovation Day hosted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection on June 15, 2023, we had the opportunity to showcase a 3D photo studio that provided an immersive experience of the results. This offered a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Attendees had the chance to have their faces scanned in color using a 3D scanner, enabling the digitalization of their faces. The results were then viewed through  VR glasses. The Revopoint scanner was recently founded through a crowdfunding campaign. With little hard- and software, it meets the demands of an ultra-mobile system. The scanner comprises a solid-state lidar for precise distance measurement and two RGB cameras to capture the vibrant colors of the scanned surfaces.

The scanning process begins by generating a colored point cloud for each frame captured during acquisition. These point clouds are then aligned within a global coordinate system using an optimization algorithm, minimizing any overlap errors. If a suitable alignment is found, the point cloud is integrated into the global coordinate system; otherwise, it is omitted. This iterative process continues until the entire face is comprehensively scanned. Subsequently, the point clouds are refined, reducing noise and outliers, resulting in a high-quality, regular point cloud. Triangulation is then applied, creating a mesh structure to which textures are applied. The end result is a 3D representation, such as the visitor’s face, which can be loaded into our engine for an immersive experience using VR glasses. Visitors had the opportunity to view themselves in three dimensions immediately after their scan. Additionally, those interested could have their faces featured in a virtual gallery, showcasing themselves to other attendees throughout the event.

Throughout the day, some limitations of the technology became evident, particularly in brightly lit environments where the depth sensor struggled to capture data. Nonetheless, the overall event was a resounding success and provided immense enjoyment to all participants.

In addition to the 3D photo studio, we had the pleasure of showcasing our array of other VR solutions. The day proved to be an exceptional experience, blessed with beautiful weather and an impressive lineup of captivating exhibits. We look forward to the next opportunity to engage and inspire.

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