Hubject demonstrates Vehicle-to-Grid with Gridware on the ICNC 2022

On September the 12th and 13th, together with HubjectAlpitronic and eSystems MTG, we had the chance to show how comfortable electric car charging will be in the immediate future.

Instead of administering app accesses and RFID cards, the driver authorizes directly with the vehicle itself. For this purpose, a contract based on X509 certificates is deposited. Different fleet operators (Mobility Operators) can then issue their own root CA. This ensures that the vehicle as well as the fleet itself and its operator are recognizable.

For the vehicle to charge on a public charging infrastructure, the fleet operator (MO) and the chargepoint operator (CPO) have to be aware of and trust each other and the underlying infrastructure.

This is where Hubject enters the game: Hubject, as operator of the biggest roaming platform and host of the ICNC, provides a public key infrastructure allowing vehicles to gain certificates and become authorized.

Gridware, as OCCP backend, works between the charging infrastructure and Hubject. It ensures, that the contracts that have been reported by the vehicle are valid and are provided by a trustworthy fleet operator. In the context of vehicle-to-grid, it also records any system events and user actions and visualizes those in its expert system (the “Admin Portal”):

Screenshot of Gridware: Insights and transparency can be fun!

Indeed, all involved engineers and software developers worked until the last day to make the showcase possible.

Now it’s time for gridware to get the plug and charge certification…!

Special thanks go to Steffen and Tim from Hubject, Alexander from eSystems, Florian from Alpitronic and to the Gridware team.

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